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SBS Designs 01-25-2013 10:19 AM

SBS Designs S 6
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Here it is REAL and Untouched by Marketing people.....

S6 Power Tests

Audio power unit bench test continuous sine wave (100% duty cycle) Due to extreme current, the following steps have to be taken to make the test work:

The amp board fuses replaced with ABC-15 types (they each see a half cycle of the load) the speaker fuse replaced with an AGC-30.

The power supply has a 2500 watt continuous draw limit, so the 100 % duty cycle test has to be done on one channel at a time.


80 volts peak delivered into 2 ohm resistor load which is 1600 watts RMS, 28 amps RMS distortion .09 %. Power supply draw 2000 watts.

90 volts peak delivered into 4 ohm resistor load which is 1012 watts RMS , 16 amps RMS distortion .03 % Power supply draw 1280 watts.

Stereo bench test 1khz 25ms on, 25 ms off, repeating cycles ( 50 % duty cycle)

The amplifier is restored to original fuse values and both channels are loaded and driven.


80 volts peak per channel into 2 ohm resistor load which is 1600 watts during on cycle Power supply draw 2030 watts

90 volts peak per channel into 4 ohm resistor load which is 1012 watts during on cycle Power supply draw 1300 watts

100 volts peak per channel into 8 ohm resistor load which is 625 watts during on cycle Power supply draw 950 watts

It can be seen that these results are like the continuous test, but with the power supply capacity being time shared between both channels.

Audio power test:

Bass heavy techno music from CD:

Voltage measured with Sperry DVM with peak averaging adapter.

Both channels driven to near clip with music

Results :

Load for 2 ohms: 1 Yorkville E15 , 1 EV180 sub, and 4 ohm load resistor on each channel 80 volts average peak for 1600 watts audio per channel.

Load for 4 ohms: same as above, but no load resistors
94 volts average peak for 1100 watts audio per channel.

Load for 8 ohms: 1 Yorkville E15 per channel
105 volts average peak for 689 watts audio per channel.

While 2 ohm ratings with big power are everywhere in marketing, it can be seen here that to truly deliver significant continuous power into 2 ohms takes huge current, it takes almost the full capacity of a 20 amp mains circuit to do it on one channel. It is even more of a challenge to do this in a high fidelity linear amplifier.

Fortunately, Audio is not a continuous draw, so we can time share a 2500 watt power supply between two channels with the help of 88000 uF energy storage.

However, every power unit itself is built to withstand its full rating 100% continuous for the benefit of reliability and longevity. How do competitors claim double this power with a 15 amp mains breaker ?

Its Simple, a 1/8 duty Cycle = (12%) of real power, enforced by compression and other limiting circuits.

This can be verified by looking at service manuals for popular brands and locating the VCA circuit in the input stage.

The result is a product that can produce very loud bursts, but not hold up on a long note.

General Specifications:

Frequency response as controlled by input preamp:
10hz – 60khz within 0.5 dB full power

Frequency response of power unit without preamp or output choke:
10hz – 100khz within 0.5 dB full power

THD in 20hz to 20khz range 4 ohm load full power .03%

Power unit step response Slew rate test without input RF protection at Preamp: 80 V/us

Damping Factor: 300

Input for for full power out: 1.4 volts RMS

Topology:Fully true complement, class AB + class B boost, AKA linear Class G

Output Devices Per Ch: S6 has 8 pairs per ch

These specifications are by design. The use of large amounts of negative feedback to obtain vanishing THD and higher damping is easy to do, but blind listening tests have proven that low feedback designs sound more natural and less fatiguing.

Tests are real world full power and bandwidth, and not selected sweet spots
in the operating range.



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