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domienation 10-01-2014 06:06 PM

Steve Dash PDS 3000 hookup

i have a question: how would i connect this unit to an amp rack that is 30 feet away and driven by a digital signal processor?

the outputs are rca

thanks for you help

in2house 10-05-2014 09:46 PM

If this is a one time deal, then I would suggest you get an Isolator instead (although not the same its similar but much easier to integrate).

Adding the PDS3000 (or any DJ oriented crossover) to a soundsystem is something that has to be considered when designing the soundsystem from the beginning.

In the simplest design, the low output feeds the subs, the highs feed additional system tweeters (usually JBL bullet style units), and the full range outputs to a full range stack. The crossover's low and high outputs (in effect) act as a sweetener to the full range signal.

I can't say how it would work in your application as I would have to know more about the system and what you want to achieve. In regards to cabling, you would have to convert the signal from unbalanced to balanced to avoid noise issues.

Dj Greg G 10-08-2014 08:52 PM

I'm assuming you have the PDS crossover, if that's the case then getting an isolator won't solve your problem. You will need some custom 30 ft cables. RCA to XLR male. One pair for each output of the PDS crossover to connect to your processor and amplifiers.

Now if your concerned about the long unbalanced length which "might" cause signal loss and interference then you will need a unbalanced to balanced transformer. Companies such as Rolls, ART and Rane make them individually or rack mountable. You will need one for each output or one rack mountable one with 3 RCA ins and 3 XLR outputs.

If you want to be a neat individual like myself, :0) then I would suggest making a XLR rack panel nearest the crossover. From there you can use shorter cables and then on the output stage of the panel use a 3 channel XLR snake to cut down on the clutter of cables.

Some folks use a multi pin connector but you don't need to go there. Back in the day most folks just ran the long cables without any transformers and hoped for the best.

DSA.audio 11-07-2014 01:13 PM

when i first got my RLA crossover, when I installed it I got symptoms of significant EFI/RFI....

getting better "sheilded" cable assemblies solved the issues I was experiencing, for me...

good luck!

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