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SBS Designs 08-20-2012 01:03 AM

26,000 sq ft NYC club with a SBS Slammer opens
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fall 2012.

Proud to announce that an all Analog SBS Slammer will be opening in a massive Theatre. The lighting will have multiple moving trusts in seperate sections of the space and MUCH more to bring the old nyc theatre club feel like nyc used to have BACK to nyc in 2012.

The days of just a room opening up with just a dj are over, we will be doing more than just a dj to have entertainment thru the night. Very exciting what will be happening in this space.

Its nice to be working on another theater, the 1st the Original Studio 54 in nyc last oct for Sirius xm where the debut of the SBS Designs Iso-Q2 happened, Now this new space with a fresh custom SBS Slammer an All Analog system, except for cd players and lap tops to play the media.

Its amazing to work with people that dont get in the way and let you do what your known for with sound because of what you have done globally creating hifi high quality systems in many spaces. The owners of this space have owned many legendary clubs in NYC in the past that have had gr8 reputaions from the early 80s thru the 90s and this is sure to be on the way to having a great rep for a fantastic space.

Stay Tuned


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